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Dan Holman
at 13:51 12 Jan 2021

An interesting read and also interesting comments about Tony 'give him a statue (we can deface)' Humes.

Norris out, Robinson in?
at 07:15 6 Jan 2021

Just a thought. I read recently that Port Vale had said Theo Robinson is free to find a new club, so Norris leaving could open the door for his return.

Port Vale's manager left days after saying Robinson can leave, so that might change things.
World Cup Players
at 11:44 27 Aug 2020

With Tommy Smith being an international player that's played at a World Cup, it got me thinking whether any other U's players (past & present) have represented their country at a World Cup.

I can think of two - one that played post-U's and another that played pre-U's. Anyone care to guess/know more?
Messi or Ronaldo?
at 23:29 26 Aug 2020

Inspired by Durham's comments that "Messi is overrated...he pails into insignificance against Cristiano Ronaldo" I thought I'd ask the question of the board...

Messi or Ronaldo?

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RC Interview on ITV Anglia
at 22:14 14 Jul 2020

The following is worth a watch for those of you that are out of the region.

What kind of title do you give a post like this :'(
at 09:30 14 May 2020

In the 20 years (yes its really that long) I've run this site, I've never been one to share my personal life on here or to ask for money. But I'm going to break both rules today ...

Some of you may recall that at the beginning of the season I was looking to take a step back from running this site. The reason why, though I didn't mention it at the time, was because I was soon to become a dad.

On 14 October my son was born but sadly he died unexpectedly the same day.

We named him Lucas and he was very much going to be the next generation ColU supporter. His name had a ColU influence, Luke being the most common name in the U's, including the captain's, and just weeks before he was born we beat Spurs with the help of a missed penalty by Lucas Moura.

It's been a tough seven months since. At my first game back there was an announcement over the PA congratulating someone on the birth of their son. Then at later games someone has been bringing a baby to the game in a car seat. Things I genuinely have never seen or heard before this happened, but painfully stand out when you try and escape your life by going to a game. I went to Old Trafford, but my mind was very much not on the occasion.

Anyway, back to me asking for money. My wife and I have decided to raise funds for baby bereavement charities in memory of Lucas and I wanted to share this with you all.

Here is the link - https://justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lucas-whymark
(beware JustGiving ask you to give a 15% contribution to them by default - you can amend thus to 'other' and give them a penny instead)

If you do donate, put a little Up the U's in your comment.
The future of The U'sual
at 10:22 12 Jul 2019

As many of you may have noticed, I've not been putting too much effort into the site in recent years. I started running the site nearly 20 years ago (in fact 1st August 2019 will be its 20th birthday!) when I was young and keen, but now life gets in the way and I simply don't have the time to keep on top of it.

Being the only unofficial ColU website around I don't want to shut it down and would love to see it continue, so I'm looking to you guys to help keep it going. I am happy to remain 'in charge' and do site admin but would basically be looking for people to produce content for the site and moderate the forum (not that much of that is required these days now Pete is off the scene).

There wouldn't be any financial reward - despite the advertisements, unsurprisingly a Colchester United website doesn't get millions of hits (a bit like ColU news in the EADT!), so it just about makes enough to cover running costs.

If you'd like to get involved, either post a reply or message me direct. I'm already thinking Durham's previews deserve a place on the front page. There's the option for any of you to do a blog if you like, plus I'm open to suggestions. Personally I'd like the time to kick start the 'whatever happened to' articles again.
Allow Pete to return? You decide
at 13:10 18 Aug 2018

As you will have seen, IowaPete/BarsidePete has reapeared on the board as DCPete, having been banned since February last year.

I have not allowed Pete to return and the first I was aware of this was when I saw posts earlier today, just like the rest of you.

I don't feel it's my place to say whether or not he can return, so i'm oppening this up to the rest of you with a poll. It's anonymous, so don't feel that you will be judged by your selection. I'll close the poll at 7pm on Monday.

In the meantime, Pete is free to post, but will be banned immediately if he steps out of line.

Allow Pete to return? You decide

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Layer Road
at 12:13 28 Apr 2018

Just realised that it's 10 years today since our last game there. Only feels like yesterday, but that's probably got more to do with most of the games at the new stadium being easily forgetful!

Layer Road probably created more memories in a season than the new stadium has in its lifetime.
Safe Standing Petition
at 08:44 14 Apr 2018

Saw this on the Football Supporters Federation newsletter this week and thought it share...

"Fans hit out at Gov't on standing
Sports Minister rejects proposals for safe standing pilot at Hawthorns
This week West Bromwich Albion had their application to install more than 3,000 rail seats in the Smethwick End of the Hawthorns rejected by the Sports Minister Tracey Crouch. Compounding the disappointment of the decision, Crouch told PA that she wanted to see current regulations, prohibiting persistent standing, more strictly enforced and labelled those campaigning for change to the legislation a "vocal minority". The minister's comments caused a backlash from supporters and industry figures, which resulted in a safe standing petition becoming the fastest growing on the Government's official petition page this week - passing 43,000 signatures at the time of writing."

Comley Signs Permanently
at 11:43 17 Jan 2018

Wynter Joins Maidstone
at 16:40 4 Aug 2017

Confirmed on the club's site. https://www.cu-fc.com/news/2017/august/wynter-moves-on/

Does and doesn't suprise me. Like Bonne, he had limited chances, but not a move i'd've expected on the eve on the season.
Chuckaturd Trophy
at 13:56 13 May 2017

The competition is going to continue with under 21 sides for at least another two years.

Average squad age
at 13:12 20 Feb 2017

Came across this interesting set of stats and graphics on player ages across the leagues. Unsuprisingly we have the youngest in the league.


Leeds 1971
at 15:57 14 Feb 2017

Yesterday was 46 years since our famous giant killing. Does the result still have the same sparkle these days, what with topflight clubs not taking the competition seriously these days and Leeds not being the club they once were?

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Wessiehomes/Barside Pete
at 00:08 14 Feb 2017

I have reluctantly pressed the big red BAN button. I say reluctantly as the board has always been good at moderating itself and I had hoped Pete would have got the message from other users and reined in his posts.

Away from the board I had warned him and naively trusted him when he said he was going to remove himself from the board and/or only post on topic.

I'm not sure if this will be a permanent or temporary ban. I may leave this for you to decide by way of a poll. For now though, I apologise that I left it so long to put a stop to his nonsense.

This post has been edited by an administrator
ColU and the UK
at 09:51 26 Jun 2016

I've spotted a trend, let's start with the late 80s...

Thatcher's reign eventually leads to ColU falling out of the football league.

Thatcher goes, ColU win promotion back to the football league.

The Tories reign ends, Labour take power, ColU get promoted to Division 2.

Great times ahead, the UK gets stronger, ColU get promoted to the Championship.

2008, the bubble bursts! Relegation for ColU, recession for the UK.

The Tories get elected in, public spending cut, ColU spending cut.

2016, ColU relegated, the UK to exit the EU.

No one knows what the hell is ahead, but it doesn't look good
Barsidepete Banned
at 18:12 12 Jun 2016

Enough is enough. I have taken the decision to give Pete a hiatus from the site and cleaned up some of his drivel and insults of the past few days.

Enjoy a nonsense free zone til the end of the month, then I'll open a vote to see it we'll welcome him back.
Fourth Round on TV
at 16:37 13 Jan 2016

I understand that BT Sport have pencilled our game in for their lunchtime showing on the 30th January. Yet to be confirmed though.
Fourth Round Draw
at 10:02 11 Jan 2016

Having a quick skim through the teams left in, these are my preferences:

1 Watford  - Maybe
2 West Bromwich Albion or Bristol City  - No
3 West Ham United  - Yes
4 Derby County  - No
5 Exeter City or Liverpool  - Maybe
6 Tottenham Hotspur or Leicester City  - Yes
8 Peterborough United  - No
9 Northampton Town or Milton Keynes Dons  - No
10 Arsenal  - Yes
11 Newport County or Blackburn Rovers  - No
12 Ipswich Town or Portsmouth  - Maybe
13 AFC Bournemouth  - No
14 Wycombe Wanderers or Aston Villa  - Maybe
15 Sheffield Wednesday  - No
16 Oxford United  - Maybe
17 Walsall  - No
18 Bury or Bradford City  - No
19 Manchester United  - Yes
20 Everton  - Yes
21 Crystal Palace  - Yes
22 Eastleigh or Bolton Wanderers  - No
23 Nottingham Forest  - No
24 Carlisle United or Yeovil Town  - No
25 Chelsea  - Yes
26 Stoke City  - Maybe
27 Leeds United  - No
28 Shrewsbury Town  - No
29 Huddersfield Town or Reading  - No
30 Burnley  - No
31 Manchester City  - Yes
32 Hull City - No

Works out at over a 50% chance of a crap draw

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